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Woodcraft Supplies specialise in new, innovative products for the woodworking industry from the world market.
We are the exclusive distributor of brands Byrd/Shelix, Cater Tools, Sand Flee, Lumber Wizard, Jool Tool plus many other reputable woodworking products.  A terrific range of woodworking tools and accessories suitable for trade, schools and home workshops.
For this year’s WA  Wood Show – Woodcraft Supplies are presenting the Spiral cutterhead for all Makita 82mm Hand Planer Models.
Also the  RETRO FIT Spiral Cutterheads for all Woodworking Planers, Jointers and Thicknessers.

Plus the New Metal Detector Wizard 5 with a Laser Light for complete accuracy in finding nails, staples, etc in timber.

07 4129 4644 or 0418 184 048
rdg@bigpond.com  www.woodcraftsupplies.net.au