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Introduces the New Spiral Cutterhead for Makita 2012 Planer

Helical – Spiral Cutter Heads to suit the Makita 82mm Series (1960 – 2016) Electric Hand Planers and the MA2012, 2030, 2040 Thicknessers

We are very excited to be introducing this to Australia for the thousands of Makita electric hand planers and thicknessers that are “owned” and have issues with noise and blade wear, due to our extremely tough timbers.

  • Makita spiral cutter1No more sharpening or changing planer knives
  • The 4-sided, solid tungsten inserts are extremely wear resistant and reduce noise substantially
  • Smoother, chatter-free finish and NO tear-out in curly-grained wood
  • Optional dust extraction chute available for hand planer

Bring your planer into the age of spiral cutters. DIY installation instructions provided.

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“Shelix” and “CTS” range of true-helix Spiral cutters to suit a wide range of Jointers & Thicknessers currently “owned” by regular woodworkers. This phenomenon in planing design means that older and currently operating machines can be easily retro-fitted to experience the many benefits of this amazing technology. Newly developed in Australia, spiral cutters for Makita, Ryobi, a full range of 318mm thicknessers and the Makita 82mm electric hand planer, being demonstrated at our booth at the Woodworking and Craft Show.