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Woodcraft Supplies specialises in New products on the world market

Primarily spiral cutters to retrofit planing machines and innovative flat bed sanding/jointers.

With 40 years experience in engineering and woodworking machinery, sales/service, Robert Gregory consults to the business and provides advice to woodworkers in trade, schools and home workshops.

Shelix G20 picture1. “Shelix” and “CTS” True Helix Spiral Cutters for “Retro-fitting” to Almost All Existing Jointers, Thicknessers and Combination Planing Machines

Be aware of the Brand & Model number of your planer so you can consider this new technology, to improve the effectiveness of timber finish, reduce noise and blade maintenance forever.


Makita spiral cutter12. Makita 82mm Electric Hand Planer- Spiral Cutter Retro-fit.

Just about every woodworker has one of these essential power tools and has probably stored it as the maintenance of the plane knives was an issue. The advent of the spiral cutter with solid tungsten rotate able inserts has made this tool more effective again. The current available cutters suit the older Model 1900B, the current Model KP 0800K electric and the 18v cordless model. A dust extraction chute is also available for connecting a vacuum cleaner to the chip outlet.




lumber wizard3. Lumber Wizard #4 Metal Detectors

Finding metal in wood is important for avoiding blade/knife damage!  These electronic metal detectors utilise magnetic fields to scan timber and emit a sound and a Laser Line to indicate the presence of nails, screws and any metal objects.




Forstner104. Forstner Bits With Titanium Nitride Treatment

Clean cutting boring bits are a necessary workshop accessory but most fail when encountering hardwoods. This treatment ensures long working life at higher drilling speeds in all applications. The versatility for angled boring of holes and clean cutting, is outstanding !






uni snader5. Sanding Abrasive Mops

Natural edge sanding has always been a challenge with abrasive discs and wire brushes being aggressive or in-effective ! The SandFlee pre-assembled “curly” mops are available in 50, 100 & 150mm diameters and four abrasive grits from 80 to 220 . Suitable for utilisation on lathes, drill presses, power drills and cordless for safe, effective sanding of wood projects.