Women Working With Wood Association

Women Working With Wood was formed following the graduation of a number of women from the Introductory Woodcraft course offered at the Australian School of Fine Wood at Dwellingup, WA. These founding members saw a need for the new graduates to have somewhere and someone to help them continue with woodwork – to answer the question ‘Where do we go from here?’ Since then our membership has increased to include women of all ages and all levels of woodworking experience. Many have completed the introductory course at Dwellingup and others have completed higher level courses. Some are very highly skilled artisans producing work of extraordinary quality. Some are raw beginners. Most are somewhere in the middle – enthusiastic amateurs developing their skills and producing items for their homes and family.

We meet as often as possible to share ideas, skills and experience. Sometimes the gatherings are semi-formal workshops on particular topics such as marquetry, turning, use of power tools, joint making, embellishment, finishing, jigs and fixtures, carving or jewellery making. Sometimes the workshops are ‘own projects’ days, where we are able to help and support each other as we continue with our own projects.


Stirling Mens Shed

We have been very lucky this year to secure the use of the Stirling Mens Shed workshop in Balcatta once a fortnight.

The workshop is excellent, boasting a large range of machinery, power tools and hand tools we can use, as well kitchen facilities. These sessions take place every second Saturday and costs $3.00 per session per person for W4 members. There are still some places available, so why not join up today and take advantage of this great opportunity!

Without these facilities, we have relied on members to provide venues for the gatherings. These members have been generous indeed in allowing other members to use their space, machinery and power tools. (Some of the members’ home workshops are awesome!)

image004So, if you are interested in woodwork and not sure how to get started, or if you are looking for a social context for your craft, W4 might be the place for you. We are friendly, helpful and relaxed – perhaps we can offer the environment you are looking for.

Come along and meet the member of W4  at the WA WOOD Show  —  demonstrating  & sharing advice and skills.