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Complex Joinery Made Simple using the  Hybrid PantoRouter

Demo’s at the Show

The Hybrid PantoRouter is quite simply the best joinery system, regardless of whether it’s simple or the most complex joinery you could ever imagine.
The Pantorouter is so ingenious that even the most complex joinery is made simple. In fact, within minutes of assembly you’ll be making perfect joints that fit every time and are perfectly repeatable.
Featuring integrated templates for both mortice and tenon, tapered templates allowing adjustment of the mortice and tenon fit and a readily changeable and highly accurate guide-bearing mount, the PantoRouter makes traditional woodworking joinery fast, accurate, safe and fun.
Mortice and tenon, box joints and dovetails are just the beginning – even compound angles are easy to setup and cut!
Checkout the video links and more information on the Timbecon website: https://www.timbecon.com.au/joinery/pantorouter-joinery-system
Come and checkout the demonstrations at the Timbecon exhibitor stand at the show