The Timber Bloke was the result of Derek Doak’s passion for all things timber, and the variations of nature that makes it vibrant.

After many years of creating various timber projects in his shed at home, Derek decided that his interest in the process of getting the timber to a workable stage was overtaking his interest in using the timber.

Whilst he still creates beautiful pieces of work, these days Derek spends more time converting a log into the perfect slab, board, table leg etc for other people’s projects.

Salvage – At The Timber Bloke we believe in making the most out of our resources. We specialise in salvaging all species of trees, primarily from the metro area.

As a result we have an unmatched selection of Western Australian native, Australian natives and exotics in stock. We carry a wide variety of boards, wide boards, slabs, burls and turning blanks. We take care when milling to extract high featured timber for that special project including curly, fiddleback, spalted, book matched,  fork/crotch, marbled and black spot. Each log is carefully assessed to ascertain the best way to mill it to bring out the best features.