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Originally the gallery was purpose built by Murray and Lilian Johnson in 1990 and operated as a showcase for local fine woodcraftsmen using local timbers.

It soon became a very integral part of Pemberton and was firmly established on the South West and indeed, international maps.

The business sold in 2007 and subsequently closed a few years later.

Pemberton locals and visitors alike, mourned the loss. Watching this demise was too much for us as well and so we decided to move back to Pemberton and buy the property in June 2013.


The garden and pond were overgrown but soon rediscovered. We stripped the building back and cleaned it up to expose the rammed earth and fine carpentry in its windows, doors and beams.

Six months later we re-opened for local craftsmen and artists to showcase their masterpieces, for Pemberton and tourism and to give us a most enjoyable active retirement ( tree change!).

Holy Smoke saw the potential of their unique enterprise being enhanced with the perfect setting and the adjoining gallery, which, in practice is a perfect synergy.

Master craftsman Warwick Backhouse will be demonstrating on the
Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery exhibitor stand.

Mathew Ingram will be demonstrating the pole Lathe method used long ago.

Some of Mathew’s Jarrah Stools

Plus his hand turned mushrooms

Walking Sticks to Last

Windsor Chair by Mathew