Mallee Agencies is an authorised distributor of MIRKA abrasives (including Abranet, Abralon and Mirlon), electric sanders and hand sanding equipment in Western Australia.

Manufactured in Finland, MIRKA is a world leader in abrasives technology, offering a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, innovatively designed tools and complete sanding systems.

This year, Mallee Agencies is excited to introduce Abranet ACE from MIRKA. This new abrasive has been developed to achieve outstanding results on challenging surfaces. Because of its optimised net construction and ceramic grains, Abranet ACE offers superior cut and performance for hardwoods (such as beech and oak) and fast cutting on various solid surface materials. It also works brilliantly for primer sanding applications.

Our range also includes MIRKA’s range of DEROS electric sanders, which feature a unique symmetrical design, enabling comfortable left or right-handed operation. The DEROS also features a central air inlet, improving air flow and dust extraction. Its performance is comparable to a conventional 500W electric sander, ensuring a constant sanding speed even under a heavy load.

Mallee Agencies has expanded its range of hand sanding tools and accessories, introducing MIRKA’s flexible and rigid hand sanding file boards. Alongside a range of hand grip pads, we also supply MIRKA’s pad savers, which are designed to protect the backing pad from wear and tear when sanding aggressively and continuously with net abrasive products. These cost effective pad savers, placed between the backing pad and the sanding disc, should be changed regularly to prolong the life of the backing pad.

abranetace abranet-hand ace-discs deros deros-wood fileboard