Woodcrafters treasure Australian hard woods for their enduring strength, colours and contours.
Long gone are the days when woodcutters could simply venture into paddocks or forests and source a seemingly endless supply of the most sought after specimens of Jarrah, Sheoak, Karri, Desert Acacia, Marri and Eucalypts.
Now, craftsmen and women largely rely on wood species from environmentally sustainable sources including salvaged cuts from road construction clearances or under licence from Government regulated forests.
Neale France and his wife, Carla, are well known around the woody world of people who enjoy turning, scroll sawing, carving and pyrography, the fascinating art or decorating with burn marks.
They have developed a flourishing business called Djarilmari Timbers supplying Western Australian exotic hardwoods to craftsmen and women around Australia and overseas.
At the WA Wood Show, Djarilmari Timbers will present some of the products that light up the eyes of those who enjoy woodcraft.
Don’t miss having a chat with Neale and Carla at the Djarilmari Timbers display.
www.djarilmari.com   email: djarilmari@wn.com.au   phone: 08 9848 2020 or mobile: 0429 333 940