Carbatec Demonstration Area

CARBATEC WA WILL BE DEMONSTRATING THE POPULAR KREG  Pockethole Joining System as well as having active demonstrations showcasing their range of Bandsaws, Mortice Machines, lathes and the impressive TORMEK Sharpening System including the NEW T8 grinder. A big selection of woodworking books will be available as well as the Veritas hand tool range, woodcarving sets, and innovative clamping solutions. The SAWSTOP demo will take place during morning and afternoon sessions where you can see this essential safety device in dramatic action. An active dust collection system will be specially installed on the CARBATEC WA stand to underscore the ease with which you can install an efficient ducted  dust system into your workshop for very low cash outlay.

Tormek T8  TORMEK_logo SawStop SST-JSS15-AU_3 SawStop SST-JSS15-AU Kreg Logo Kreg KR-K5  Dust Kit YW-2000

sawshop SawStop Saws   –  amazing finger saving revolution IN ACTION at this year’s WA Wood Show With over 70,000 SawStop saws sold already in the USA, you can see this finger saving revolution IN ACTION at this year’sWA Wood Show. When contact with skin is detected, SawStop stops the blade dead in 5 milliseconds –  that’s 10 times quicker than a car airbag deployment ! Statistically, the people most likely to be injured by a saw blade, are experienced operators. No wonder industry, trades and schools are so interested. Make sure you catch the sensational demonstration of this saw during the WA Wood Show  presented by Carbatec WA!