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As well as building quality boats from plan, AJ Woodall Shipwright also builds, restores and repairs masts, hulls, spars, gaffs, booms and lofting. With 27 years experience in the boat building industry, they are also able to design and project manage your boat from start to finish. It is their attention to detail, appreciation for all well built sea fairing vessels, their quality workmanship and superb craftsmanship that will have you smiling broadly on delivery.

Demonstrations Happening Everyday

POUR ON GLOSS – The Crystal Clear Finish at 11am by Ian Phillips (15 min)

Have you ever tried to do a high Gloss finish on timber or Decoupage and the result was a disaster?

This Pour in Gloss demo will show you how to achieve a professional finish, starting with correct mixing technique and flows onto applying the Pour On Gloss.  The demo finishes with the easy way to get rid of the air bubbles. Also learn Tips & Tricks to achieve a great finish every time.

EPOX-E-Glue – The Ultimate Repair Kit at 12pm by Ian Phillips (15 min)

Have you had gluing failures or defined glue lines when using an Epoxy Glue from your supplier?  Did it smell and worse still did you suffer skin or respiratory issues?

The versatility of EPOX-E-Glue and the advantages this fully Thixotropic glue has over many other Epoxies Glues available in your local Hardware Stores.  Watch & learn how EPOX-E-Glue can be used for many wood working projects, handyman use, professional building & repair jobs. So many practical uses for E-Glue, from gluing on the loose hammer handle to fixing bolts into concrete.  Also see the  “Safer Way to Work” using the Modern Technology EPOX-E-Glue.

Clear Finishing Timber for a Durable Waterproof Finish at 1pm – Dave Giddings (15 min)

Have you made an outdoor table, Kitchen or Bathroom bench and had the coating fail, discolour, dent or scratch easily?

This Demo provides the answer for you in the “Clear System”.  Waterproofing & sealing solid slab timber tables and work benches is a very important process.  The secret is to seal and densify the timber with Bote Cote Epoxy Resin and then coat it with AQUACOTE water based clear polyurethane.

Also learn the  “Safer Way to Work” using the Modern Technology Bote Cote & AQUACOTE.

Waterproof & High Strength Gluing without Screws at 2pm – Dave Giddings (15 Min)

Have you been frustrated with joints that creep or break even when you have used an Epoxy Glue?

Learn from this demo, introducing the requirement for two glues to create high strength and waterproof joints in woodwork projects.  No creeping or glue lines. Also tips & tricks to achieve ultimate strength adhesion for every application except poly plastics. Problems like gluing high strength end grain joints and chair seat T Joints are made easy using EPOX-E-Glue & Purbond – the only glues you need in your workshop.

AJ Woodall Shipwright specialise in the supply of shipwrighting services to all types of vessels – power boats and yachts both traditional and modern. This includes construction, restoration, boat maintenance advice and repairs whilst Legacy Nautical specializes in engineering, installation, servicing, and equipment maintenance. They also supply a variety of products to keep your boat ship shape.

For sale at the show this year:

  • JOUBERT PLYWOOD marine and exterior grade 4mm, 6mm ,8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm
  • SILICON BRONZE wood screws and nails.
  • BOTE COTE epoxy and glues, suitable for marine, furniture and other building uses.

Make sure you take a good look at the superb 12’ clinker “Maine Pea Pod” on display at the show designed by Arch Davies, built by Aaron Woodall of Legacy Nautical.