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Welcome to the Fantastic Whittle Wax Range

The Classic Finish in the Evolution range is a 50/50 mix of the matte and the satin Hardwax Oils. Perfect for flooring where matt is deemed as leaving a lustre deemed too raw or where you wish to have the appearance of a finish with minimal sheen on furniture.

What is a Hardwax Oil?

It is a relatively new product, far more commonly used in Europe but is gaining in popularity here in Australia. Originally marketed as a flooring finish, hardwax oils are taking the high-end furniture industry by storm due to its many positive properties. As the name suggests, it is a combination of wax and oil. Neither of these finishes produce a strong hard wearing film on the surface on their own. Hardwax Oil is an oil based finish that soaks in, lightly colors the wood and forms a protective film on the surface of the wood. Its for applications where the end user wants a more natural wood finish while also having some sort of protective layer on the surface. Its also for those working with timber that want a beautiful, long-lasting, hard wearing, yet easy-to-apply natural finish.

Whittle Waxes have combined all of the benefits of older versions of Hardwax Oils, but, using state-of-the-art technology in Germany have now created a super tough version of hardwax oil made uniquely for Australia – the new Evolution HardwaxOil.

Main Benefits:

  • Faster drying times, leave overnight prior to recoating
  • Extremely high coverage rates, approximately 30m2 per litre!
  • Can be rolled or buffed on once material is sanding at 120 grit
  • Four Sheen levels are available
  • Will last 5 to 7 on floors before re-application required, much longer on low traffic furniture!
  • Cobalt and oxime free
  • “Feels so good under your feet/hands” timber finish
  • Forms a lustrous, natural, silky finish that penetrates & nurtures timbers.
  • Enhances the natural colour & feature in the timber
  • Manufactured with German technology, but created for Australian conditions.
  • 2nd coat and maintenance coats can be buffed on.
  • Can be replenished without an aggressive sanding.
  • Re-coating results in no loss of thickness of timber, and allows the timber to build character.
  • Floor should last indefinitely, by following a simple maintenance regime.
  • Durable, water and stain resistant plus water repellant, suitable for bathrooms and kitchen benchtops
  • Non-static in application & finish – does not attract dust
  • Micro-porous oil allows timber to breathe & move seasonally.
  • Safe for use in its liquid form & safe disposal of used wax after re-sanding.
  • Food safe, toy safe, environmentally friendly manufacturing.
  • Colourless, professional surface coating and protection.