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Theo the Woodturner

Demonstrations Everyday

Sphere from a log  –  9:30am
Beefwood Yo-yo  –  11:00am
Holey Bauble  –  12:00pm
Winged Burl Bowl  – 2:00pm
Microturnings  – 3:30pm

Theo took up woodturning over 20 years ago so he could turn his own drumsticks and make gifts for my family and friends.
These days, demonstrating and teaching woodturning is my passion and full time endeavour. Apart from demonstrating throughout Australia I have also presented in the USA, China, Cambodia, Laos, Norway and New Zealand.

I enjoy watching the smiles on the faces of my audiences as I demonstrate the safest and easiest way to sharpen tools, develop good tool control, and take advantage of the characteristics of the wood to turn and embellish interesting, diverse and artful projects. I feel extremely privileged to be able to share my knowledge and experience with others.

My philosophy is that life is too short, so we should enjoy the journey, share with others and leave something to show we were here.”